Stacy (#545) 03-17-14

I was walking through a crowd with another photographer. My job was to “show her the ropes” in approaching strangers. In my estimation, the crowd was too thick to approach someone. Also we were in bright light – no good.

But several yards ahead, Stacy was headed our way. Her looks were SO distinctive that I hated to let the chance slip by. And suddenly a magic cloud appeared, so before I could even warn my photographer friend, I found myself asking for a portrait. She gave a mouth-closed smile and said OK. I could not back up as far as I would have liked because of the number of people, but I was able to get most (drat, not all!) of her scarf. I usually prefer cropping square, but to get the scarf, vertical seemed best.

Stacy is from Wisconsin and is DELIGHTED to be in Florida. She said, “I like being photographed.” Why am I not surprised?