Don (#543) 03-13-14

Number four in this group of Strangers was Don. As he walked up, Al (#340) called to him and said that I was photographing people. Don wore sunglasses. When I introduced myself, he looked around in mock paranoia and said, “I'm Don, but don't tell anyone.”

Don didn't look like other homeless who I have met, but he did not distance himself from the group. He said, “I'm fairly new here. Just a couple of years ago, I worked over there.”, pointing to a group of buildings housing banks and other financial institutions. He would not be more specific. Don walked with a slight unusual (to me) limp. At 15, he was in an accident and was in a coma for three months. A few weeks earlier he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle, but those injuries were mild.

Don had a very keen sense of humor, rattling off many jokes and one liners. And he knew how to tell jokes well. Unfortunately they are too bawdy and/or politically incorrect to repeat here. But he did say, “Here's a clean one that you can tell your wife:

Three people are on an elevator, an honest politician, an intelligent blonde, and Santa Claus. The door opens and a $20bill is on the floor outside.

Q: Which one steps put and gets the money?

A: Santa. The other two don't exist.”

Silly, but cute.

Don was reluctant to take his sunglasses off for a photo, but he complied. After showing him the posted image, he said “Oh Gawd, I look like I'm high on something.” He wasn't. So, I got a few more shots with this beloved sunglasses on.

As I shook his hand as we parted, he again looked around, wiggled his eyebrows, and said “Don't tell anyone you saw me here.” A real character.