Susan (#542) 03-12-14

Susan became part of the group. This is the third of six Strangers who are more or less related. While I was speaking with Dave, Susan came up and began speaking with Al. She smiled the entire time, and I assumed that they knew each other. Not so.

So during a lull in their conversation, I asked if I cold photograph her. She did not resist, but was shy, and seemed kind of embarrassed. I got several shots, all of which looked like this. In fact, that's how she looked while in conversation with Al too.

I am not too pleased with this image, but there was an interesting point to make. I asked her if she was from Sarasota. She said, “oh yeah, about a block and a half”, and she gestured to the south. Direction didn't matter. The fact is that there is no inexpensive housing within many blocks of this location. Her address gives away the fact that Susan is at least moderately well off financially. That's what I like about this location. An eclectic collection of people pass by every day. On Saturdays there is a Farmer's Market that greatly increases pedestrian traffic. You never know who you will meet.