Zack (#522) 02-05-14

On the Farmer’s Market day, Zach was situated on the major corner, where the buskers perform. Good location. He was originally from Ohio, but had been in Sarasota for many years. He was quiet. Very quiet.


Zack made woven handbags. Several weavers work the streets in this area, but most of the products are religious crosses or flowers. Zack’s handbags were a bit more intricate. He was asking $15 per bag. How many had he sold that morning? One. I waited for him to say that he was homeless. He didn’t. I expected him to ask me to buy a handbag, or make a donation. That did not happen either. In this situation I have a ploy; I ‘buy’ a copy of the product, and tell the vendor to give it to the next interested child who comes along. But for $15, I did not make that offer. I have to think that his shyness was a real detriment to his ‘business’.