Natalie (#523) 02-07-14

Wife Barbara and I were at an outdoor table in St. Augustine. Fifty yards away was St. George St., the main tourist trap in town. As it was nippy, we were each sipping hot chocolate. Nice. I had my eye out for interesting looking folks.

Natalie turned a corner and headed our way, fairly quickly. Her trusty Pug, Stella, was in her arms. When I approached her, she was a bit shy and reticent, but rapidly ‘came around.’ It helped that she was familiar with Flickr, although not the 100 Strangers group.


Natalie migrates from Massachusetts to Florida for several months each year. This time she just beat the Polar Vortex that paralyzed the Northeast with snow and black ice. Stella loves Florida. In Massachusetts, she has to compete with two other dogs, but in Florida, she is IT!