Lance (#740) 12-24-14

As a follow up to yesterday's post, #739, Lance came over to me and asked for a handout. Over the past three years, I have noticed a dramatic difference in the attitude of panhandlers. They have become much more brazen and assertive. So as usual, I “made a deal” with Lance and got a stranger conversation and portrait out of it.

Lance just got out of prison. Three years worth. He had gotten into a fight in the local Salvation facility. Three years is a lot for a fight, I suspect that this was not the first offense.

“A six foot six guy was mistreating a woman. I'd do it again.”

I said, “Six foot six?”

“Yeah. I had seven years of martial arts fighting. I can use my legs, I knocked out a few teeth.”

Now Lance cannot go to the Salvation Army or Resurrection house. As soon as they run his ID, the felony shows up and he is denied. Lance said that he spent three years in a very difficult place, and spent a lot of time reading the Bible. He wants people to know that he is clean, no booze or drugs.