Chrysta (#739) 12-23-14

Chrysta was sitting by herself outside of the coffee shop. I was glad I asked the spelling. I don't know how many ways there are to spell what sounds like Chrysta, but I never wold have guessed this one. She lives in Bradenton, ten miles north, but works in Sarasota. In fact she works less than a block away at Micheal’s on Main, a gallery and boutique. She was waiting for her boss.

After photographing Chrysta, I sat at a nearby table. A young man approached her, and from the body language I surmised that he was panhandling. After a few moments, she got up and went inside. Then he came over to me, which will be the next stranger story.

Later, I passed Chrysta inside the shop. I asked if the man had 'chased' her inside. She gave a weak smile and nodded yes. The local merchants have hired a security guard to patrol the block and prevent these things from happening. No good answer.