Talmadge #728 (12-11-14)

I asked if Talmadge was a family name. “No. it's a Hippy name. Both of my parents were Hippys. He said that he liked having his picture taken. My kind of guy!

He graduated from Venice High School, a cool 40 years after me. But prior to that, he attended Booker High School, which is very strong in visual and performing arts. When I asked where he worked, Talmadge said that I might be surprised to know that there is a Buddhist temple in Sarasota. I said that HE might be surprised that I know about it, and have attended meditation sessions.

Talmadge works there as the cook. He asked if I had eaten lunch after a meditation session. I said yes, in a noncommittal (I hope) way. I am not into spicy foods, and I learned more than I wanted to know about Indian food. The meal looked like a thin stew, but it burned a column straight from my mouth to my you-know-what. I'm sure that it's Asian fare that disagrees with me, not his culinary skills.