Beverly (#729) 12-12-14

Beverly was walking fairly quickly with a shopping bag in her arms. I was glad that she stopped when I approached her, I halfway expected her to be too much in a rush. I took it a few seconds to warm up to being photographed, but finally she said,”Let me put this bag in the car first.” I assured her that it was not necessary, but she was already crossing the street with the car trunk automatically opening.

She did come back (whew!). Beverly is originally from Columbus Ohio, but has been in this area for 35 years. She was shopping while her future Daughter-in-Law got her hair done at a nearby beauty salon. I congratulated her on the upcoming wedding.

Beverly liked the image, but had no interest in getting a copy. Many viewers will criticize this for the hair over the eyes. I like the spontaneity, and authenticity that it implies.