James and Jenny (#699) 11-09-14

A bar called 'The Blue Owl Tavern on Main' has been kind to me. Although it's on the wrong side of the street for optimal light, there is an alcove in front that provides adequate shade. And an adequate supply of 'characters.' When I passed the alcove and saw James and Jenny, I did not hesitate to meet them. Both were friendly and receptive.

James said, “You've seen me here before.” Yikes! Oh yeah, I remembered, he was with several other guys whom I photographed, but I missed him. Not this time. James is from Kentucky, but has worked at The Blue Owl for 1 ½ years. He asked the name of the project again. Within seconds he had 100 Strangers on his phone, and then my photostream. He has an agile mind and nimble left thumb.

James recognized several of my strangers, and shared the phone with Jenny. She pointed and laughed at a couple. “Oh look, there's Steve (Stranger #427) and Marty (Stranger #419)!” “Oh, and Joel (Stranger #399) was clean shaven!” I saw Joel a few days ago, the 'stache is coming back.

Both liked the 100 Strangers concept and Jenny took my card. Neither wanted a copy of their respective images. I liked Jenny's shoulder lace tattoo.