Bob (#698) 11-08-14

I was standing in front of a breakfast restaurant when Bob approached me. “Could you spare something so that I could get pancakes?” Interesting that less than 20 feet away is a sign that says that 93% of money given to panhandlers goes to drugs and alcohol. Several such signs are along main Street, and all are attached to light poles with steel cables. I suspect that the local merchants association placed them.

Anyway, I said to bob, “I'll make you a deal”, and explained the 100 Strangers project. He said,”A picture? I don't see anything wrong with that.” He was living in Harlem, New York, but his girlfriend got him to move here. I said that living in Florida must be a lot easier than in (cold) New York. He said that both black and white people in New Your have money. The poverty isn't so bad. But it is so expensive to live there...

Suddenly, he moved on, apparently looking for another mark. He did notgo into the restaurant for pancakes.