John and Linda (#705) 11-15-14

During an art festival, I walked along the sidewalk 30 feet from the booths. I saw John sitting on a mobility scooter looking very contented, with a cool hat. I introduced myself and complemented him on the hat. He was happy to be included in 100 Strangers.

I figured out why he was so contented. His wife, Linda, was shopping in an adjacent nic nac store, and he didn't have to participate. I can imagine the conversation; “Gee Honey, I'd LOVE to shop with you in that store, but I just can't maneuver this scooter safely.” Yeah, that's what I'd do.

When Linda appeared she was very affable and willing to be photographed too. They have lived life backwards. They were full time residents of Venice, FL, but now live “up north” for part of the year. They're snowbirds. Grandchildren caused the change. As the children are in the military, they move around. John and Linda had to think about Christmas, “Oh yeah, we'll see them this year!”

We had the recurring conversation about our generation using nicknames, while the younger generation go by the full given name. “Yep, our grandson is Anthony, not Tony.”