Jeff (#685) 10-27-14

Jeff's 'haircut' caught my eye. I told him that I'd remember the name, the same as my son's. But my son is the proletariat 'Jeffrey'. This Jeff is 'Jefferson', much more aristocratic sounding.

Jeff has been in Sarasota for 15 years. Before that, he lived in Alexandria VA, near DC. He was a building contractor. Now he uses computer assisted design to design new kitchens, although his business card lists him as 'entrepreneur'. Jeff says that the average kitchen he designs costs about $40,000, more than some people's house (ours was $14,300). When I told him that, he said to expect to pay that much for windows in a new house.

Jeff liked this image on the LCD. I sent him a copy and this was his reply, “Wow, that Bruce Willis?” I had not made the Bruce Willis connection, but he's right!