Evelyn (#686) 10-28-14

This is my second 'Mom and Pop'' bookstore owner in Winter Park, FL, this week. Evelyn bought Brandywine Books in 1986 – this really is a labor of love. I mentioned that the store was in an alleyway, close to, but not totally visible from, the main drag. When she bought the store, it was in park Avenue, a few blocks 'too far' from the main activity. She does better here. Later, I saw Brandywine Square, I guess that's where it was.

Evelyn is originally from Illinois, but lived in New York for a long time. Her apartment was on the east side of Manhattan. It was rent controlled by the government, and she paid $130/month. When she moved out, the rent jumped to $3,000/month. No wonder that so many apartment buildings in Manhattan 'mysteriously' catch fire and burn up.