Paul (#679) 10-21-14

I have had poor luck getting permission for portraits from one demographic, the businessman/professional dressed in a suit and tie. I suspect that when someone dons this attire, he/she is also assuming a role, and that role does not include interacting with (non-paying) strangers. When I visited Winter park, FL, almost immediately such a man headed my way. When I approached him, I was pleasantly surprised that he seemed relaxed, interested, and a bit amused by the project.

While the camera was raised, I asked if he was from Winter Park. No, Paul is from Lake Nona (part of Orlando) and he was here to meet friends at a restaurant. I said boy, it must be a fancy restaurant to have to get dressed like that. He said, “Oh no, I'm just getting off of work.” Oh, what do you do?” “I work at the University of Central Florida College of Business Administration. I'm the Dean.” Whoa, a home run! This site is him, all right: I said that the university was HUGE. Paul said that the College of Business Administration had over 8,000 undergraduate students, the same as all undergraduates at the University of Notre Dame.

The 100 Strangers project intrigued him. “I am constantly looking for ways to challenge students to get out of their comfort zone.” Yep, this can do that, all right. Paul took my card and said that he'd check out my website.

As I was interested in the attire, I varied from my usual close crop format. I turned the camera vertical to make sure I got the tie.