Jacqueline and James (#678) 10-20-14

I was with another photographer as Jacqueline and James walked by. They were happy to be included in the project. They are in Real Estate, and relocated from Savannah. Ah, Savannah. One of my favorite cities and I told them so.

James said that he also liked St. Simons Island, GA. I told him that I'd been there a couple of times, and always ate at a restaurant called Barbara Jean's. He brightened up, “Yes, I love Barbara Jean's crab cakes.” Yikes, me too! That's exactly why I go there. And there is a coincidence, my wife is Barbara Jean. She told the waitress that as a fellow Barbara Jean, she should get a Barbara Jean's tee shirt. Sure enough, she got a free tee shirt! Of course, there was a $15 handling fee.

Jacqueline and James were satisfied with the images, but were not interested in copies.