David (#673) 10-15-14

On a sunny Sunday morning, another photographer accompanied me to watch stranger photography in action. We found an alcove in front of a closed restaurant; the buildings on the other side of the street were reflecting bright light. We had a 'studio', and just waited for a likely subject. Along came David.

He was accompanied by his dig, Kiya. Unfortunately I did not write down the breed, and I don't remember. As dogs often resemble their owners, I doubt that it was a Chihuahua. When I asked David, he shrugged and said, “Why not?” I asked him not to smile for the camera and got the first shot.

He didn't like it. “I think that people should smile for pictures. So I went to work again and got the second. He was more satisfied.

As he walked away, he turned toward me and pointed with his index finger, “People should always smile in pictures!” I have been suitably admonished.