Breezy (#504) 01-10-14

Breezy. The names just get more unique. Breezy was sitting on the ground, in a doorway. Perfect light with a bright face and dark (distant) background. It was almost like a garage doorway, a classic natural location. Next to breezy was a large canvas sac, the universal companion of the homeless.

When I introduced myself and explained my project, he said, “Oh sure, how about for a dollar?” Then immediately he pulled is hand back and said “no...”, laughing at himself. He was originally from San Diego and said that he has traveled around the world twice. When traveling, he always stops in Sarasota. But this time was a problem. He is a musician, and while playing a gig he got drunk and was arrested. Having no money, the police confiscated his piano. To confiscate a piano, the police must have wanted it badly, and I can imagine that the inebriated Breezy made quite a scene. I didn't ask how he traveled the world with a piano.

Anyway, the piano is safe until Breezy can get the money to 'bail it out.' But first he has to get to Miami for some dental work – he had been to a clinic there. As he soon turns 65, Medicare may become helpful. I handed him a few dollars and suggested that he use it to recover his bread and butter. We shook hands as we parted; he held the shake for a moment, looked into my eyes and said, “Thank you, brother.” This was partly for the few dollars, but I think more for the brief bond that we formed – most folks would pass him by.


I so adored the light and colors, that I had considered a color image. But as usual, the B&W (in my opinion) brings his face forward, and the viewer to his eyes.