Rob and Juliette (#503) 01-09-14

As we approached each other, Juliette caught my eye. I wanted to photograph her, but the background was cluttered. Moreover, we were away from shade, although the sky was overcast. Usually when I think that it might be overcast enough for a portrait, I'm wrong, and settle for some unflattering shadows.

But I positioned myself in front of them, asked for a favor, made my usual request. While I spoke, they were silent and appeared skeptical, I wondered if they were foreign born and English was not their primary language. But finally Rob asked why I did this. So I got out the phone and showed them the Flickr Photostream. Immediately they beamed, and Juliette said, “cool!” Never has my smartphone been so helpful. Rob asked how many of the hundred I had gotten. I explained that I had photographed several hundred strangers, and that the project was addictive. They were then totally on board and happy to be photographed.


As well they should have been. Rob and Juliette were visiting Florida from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. This was a couple of weeks ago, prior to the “Polar Vortex” deep freeze. But even at that time there was a blizzard in the Midwest. I failed to ask how long their vacation was. Hopefully, they are still in Sarasota.