Jesse (#517) 01-28-14

The last several posts have been from a great day: A motorcycle rally on one street and a farmer’s market on a perpendicular street. While walking along a string of Harleys, Jesse was sitting on a nearby curb. He was not dressed like a biker, and he did not look particularly happy. When I stopped and asked for a portrait, he said OK and did not seem interested or disinterested. Just deadpan.


Jesse has had a motorcycle for about a year. He is hoping to sell it and ‘move up’, although his bike was not part of the event. He sheepishly admitted that he has had several minor accidents, although his current black eye is unrelated. I asked if he was from Sarasota. No, he was from Hillsborough County, and was working at a vegetable stand at the market. I said, “That’s a coincidence. Several weeks ago, I photographed a fellow named Calvin, about your age, who worked at that stand (stranger #  )”. Jesse said, “Calvin’s my brother.”

I feel that I have been doing this too long when I (for the second time) photograph siblings, coincidentally.