Gene (#516) 01-27-14

Yesterday’s Stranger, Lorrie, was very active and visible at her place of business. Gene was more quiet and subdued. While I was speaking and photographing Lorrie, he stood to the side smiling, saying nothing. Both are from Cape Coral, FL, about 50 miles south.


Gene’s business is called ‘Sick Ass Customs’, and provides customized accessories for motorcycles. These include Deltran battery chargers, custom bags and fenders, and Fusion LED Lighting Systems, among other items. I guess that he sells anything to make your bike…, well, sick ass. His website is HERE.

So after photographing Lorrie, I asked Gene if he would extend the favor. He nodded and shrugged without actually saying anything. Both he and Lorrie liked the resulting image. At the time, I was attracted to Lorrie (why not?), but as a character shot, I like Gene’s better.