Mary Ann (#513) 01-21-14

I waited at a nice location for light. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long. Mary Ann walked my way with some kind of jelly scone in one hand. When I introduced myself she said that her hand was gooey, and we bumped wrists. I explained 100 Strangers she said “Sure, where do you want me to stand?” Life should always be so easy.

Originally, she was from New Jersey. For 13 years, she lived on nearby Longboat Key, a tony neighborhood. One year ago she moved downtown: “I LOVE it here! I'll never move again.” She likes the diversity; multimillionaires brush elbows with the homeless every day. Actually, that's why I like to photograph strangers here.


While being photographed, she said, “I'm a happy person, why shouldn't I smile?”