Jack and Pat (#512) 01-20-14

Besides motorcycles, the motorcycle rally had LOTS of vendors. One lady vendor caught my eye, but she was busy with customers. About an hour later, I got my chance. When I asked to meet her and get a portrait, she seemed a little flummoxed.

Then she looked me in the eye and said, “I think you photographed me last year.” This concerned me – I have made that mistake a couple of times, although she did not look familiar. I asked her first name, and when she answered Pat, I knew that I had not met before, and told her so. She walked a few steps to Jack, and said that I was going to photograph them. Wow, Pat was a quick convert! It took a little effort to get individual shots. And, of course, some other customers walked up.


They had a business with the logo, “Light Up My Bike”, and specialize in customized, extra bright, motorcycle lighting. Their website is HERE.

And their photo is at the bottom of the “About Us” page.