Adam Garelick (#421) 09-25-13

Wednesday again, boy these come around quickly! So, here  is someone else’s street portraits. And this week’s someone else is New Yorker, Adam Garelick.In his words:

NEW YORK STREET PORTRAITS is a collection of images I have made on the streets of New York.  I don’t know the subjects, and our meeting is the result of nothing more than happenstance, but they have all been gracious to allow me to photograph them for the project.

My reason for beginning this project is simple.  I have lived in New York for ten years, and I have seen the countless ways by which we try to define the City.  But I think the best measure of New York is its people.   They are the ultimate testament to New York’s vibrance, diversity and character.  I know of no other place where freedom and individuality are as celebrated as they are here.  This project is an effort to document those who embody that spirit.

If your portrait appears on the blog and you would like a print of the image, please email me and I will happily send you a copy."

See Adam Garelick’s project HERE.