Miki (#420) 09-24-13

I was heading toward a football stadium 30 minutes before a game. In my pocket was the trusty Canon S100, the Olympus OM-D EM-5 back in the motel room. Folks heading to the game wore either U of Florida colors (most), or Tennessee Vols orange. And there was Miki. She wore neither, and never attended either school.

She sat on a low concrete wall smoking with Mike (who had no interest in being photographed). She loved the 100 Strangers idea and was willing to participate. Miki was astounded when I correctly guessed how to spell her name. She was from Bradenton, 150 miles south. When I told her that I was from nearby Venice, she brightened up into a huge smile and said, "Oh, my car once broke down in Venice!", like that really endeared the city to her.

When photographing a stranger, I like to take a few quick bursts of 3-4 images each. The Canon s100 has excellent image quality (I think), but like all point n shoots, the shutter is slow to actuate, and the refresh rate is ponderously slow. So I got only two shots.

Still, I like this one.