Priscilla (#377) 08-08-13

While visiting family in Macon, GA, I went Stranger hunting on Cherry St. I don't understand why, but even in bright sunlight the light seems filtered on Cherry St. Nice.

I turned to my right and Priscilla was next to my shoulder, walking her Chihuahua, Chanel. She was so close that I had to act quickly – she was walking at a brisk pace. When I asked for a portrait, she hesitated for a moment and said, "remember me when this photograph makes you famous". I assured her that she would be the first acknowledged 'when' I became famous.  :-)

As usual, I immediately got a camera smile. But after a mild coaxing, she let her guard down and gave a more serious look. When I showed her images on the LCD, she said to use the smiley one.

Well, I'm using both. I feel that with an authentic expression, the eyes often reveal a story. And so it is with Priscilla. And then she dashed off quickly with Chanel. The entire encounter lasted about two minutes.

I would meet her again within the hour, when she introduced me to my next Stranger.