Darlene (#378) 08-09-13

A half hour after photographing Priscilla (yesterday's post), I saw her crossing the street with Darlene. Thankfully, they were crossing toward me. Darlene's African attire immediately attracted me. So I called out, "Priscilla, introduce me to your friend!". They walked my way, and after asking, Darlene agreed to be photographed. Immediately, an apparently homeless woman walked up and said that I should photograph her. Overload!

So I got a few shots of Darlene, and realized that the background was poor. So I moved 90 degrees and she let me shoot a few more. When I showed her the camera's LCD, she asked if she could see the final product. Of course! I gave her my card while Priscilla repeated her previous 'demand", "Don't forget me when you become famous". The homeless woman (Wild Rose) said to follow her to see some items. We broke up too soon, the situation was a bit chaotic. But in a good way.

Normally I prefer black and white, but the color version has its merits. The clothing was striking. And the disconnect between ethnicity, hair color and eye color is intriguing.

Quite a morning.