Martine (#375) 08-06-13

A local photography club spent a day at the Ringling Museum of Arts, in Sarasota. Other members shot photos of art, architecture and the well manicured gardens. I, of course, looked for people.

I saw Martine in harsh sunlight. She meandered around with a friend, so I positioned myself in a shaded area that (I thought) she would have to pass. It took a while, but finally she came my way. This feels like sportfishing. You see a nice fish under a shaded branch. The boat must be quietly maneuvered within casting distance. After a wait, the fish emerges from the shade and a well positioned cast drops a lure in front of the prizes face. Similar.

Martine was quiet and shy, but she slowly agreed to be photographed. She was visiting from her home in Montreal. Yes, she speaks French, although I detected no accent. I asked how long it took to have her hair braided. Five and one half hours! And she has it done every two months.

I asked if she would like a copy of the image. No, she had no interest.