Evan (#392) 08-23-13

I visited a new location, an old train station in Venice that is now a museum. It is near the end of a long bike trail, so bikers are often sitting outside, cooling off. I saw two young men at one end of the building in decent light, so I made my move.

Evan thought that a photograph was a great idea, but Austin declined. I explained the motive of the project and Evan immediately became a bit theatrical. I had to tame him down a little. J  He looked school age, so I asked if he attended the local high school. No, he didn’t like the school and said that getting a GED was more personal. (???)

Then I asked Evan the best thing that had happened to him that day. “Being blessed by God.” Wow! Then I showed him the image on the LCD and he loved it. Evan said that the photo was another blessing. How is that for pressure on the photographer? I got his e-mail address and will send an image.

Having spoken with a LOT of strangers, Blessings, God, and Jesus are repeating themes. Following the News, conventional wisdom is that church membership is on the decline. Maybe so, but I don’t thing that religion or spirituality are in trouble. Perhaps organized religion.