Bob and Jim (#393) 08-24-13

Bob and Jim were not together, I just happened to photograph them on the same morning.

I approached Bob and his wife as they passed under an awning. When I explained my project, Bob shrugged and said “sure” – he seemed amused. His wife continued on a step and said “no, I don’t want to be photographed”. Bob looked back at her as if to say, “aw c’mon, Honey”.

After I photographed him, I pointed to his wife’s eyes and said “look at the sparkle in those eyes”. He said that I didn’t have to convince him, but Mrs. Bob was having none of it.

An hour later I saw Jim and his wife. More correctly, I saw Jim’s mustache. He was in a conversation, so I waited several minutes for my turn. When they began moving, I quickly approached them, excused myself and explained my intention. I said, “You may not know this, but you have a KILLER mustache”. He sheepishly grinned and shrugged, while his wife giggled. After saying OK, I got a few quick shots as they began moving on.

I called to him, “How long did it take to grow it?” He said that he did not really know – he’d been growing it his whole life.