Sabine (#387) 08-17-13

I saw Sabine and Andrea touching fingertips, in a deep discussion. I waited for an apparent break and introduced myself. This is about Sabine, Andrea will be a subsequent post.

Sabine seemed genuinely interested in the concept of meeting, and photographing strangers. She had an accent, so I asked where she was from. “Texas”, she said, and laughed. No, originally she was from Germany.

We later exchanged business-like cards. At home, I realized that she and her husband had separate e-mail addresses, and both ended “.de”. The server is apparently in Germany (Deutschland). The Internet country code for Germany is DE.

Anyway, as she looked at my card, she became amused. My surname, Dein, is German. After several generations in the U.S., it is pronounced like ‘Dean’, although in German, it would be pronounced ‘Dine’. Sabine asked if I knew what dein meant in German; yes, it means your or yours. So she said, “Look at your web address, “deinfaces”. That means, “Your faces”! Well, duh! I never put two and two together.

Thanks for pointing that out, Sabine.