Andrea (#388) 08-19-13

Following Sabine, from the previous post, Andrea was just finished from a yoga class. Sabine was a student, and Andrea was an instructor’s assistant, making sure that each student held positions correctly. She was also interested in the stranger portrait concept and took my card.

She had difficulty in avoiding a toothy smile, as she has had braces since last October. This is (hopefully) correcting a misalignment caused by many years of long distance running.

Andrea asked me to give her a quote (which she wrote down). Puzzled, I recited my favorite W. B. Yeats quote, “There are no strangers here; just friends that you haven’t yet met”. Then she told me about a photographer in Colorado, Peggy Dyer. Her project is “One Million Faces” – that sounds daunting enough! See it HERE.

Her ‘faces’ are holding cards with original quotes. I’m not sure how this relates to the (unoriginal) quote that I gave Andrea, but I’ll find out. I know where the yoga class is.