Devan (#347) 07-09-13

Going back to yesterday's entry, Devan was with Sophia. He was more straight forward – he did not pose like a movie star. :-) But our interaction falls under the category of It's-a-Small-World.

Devan has lived in Ft. Myers his entire life. Before I knew, I asked if he went to high school in Ft. Myers, and of course he had. Then I asked about college, thinking that he might have attended Florida Gulf Coast University, 30 miles away. No, he had gone to Florida State University, in Tallahassee. I theatrically winced and told him that I went to the University of Florida, an arch-rival. But he didn't flinch, and said that his dad had gone to U of F.

Well, actually he had graduated form medical school there. So did I! Of course I graduated a couple of decades earlier. :-(  My graduating class had 64 students, and the classes are now up to about 130. But the point is, there aren't THAT many of us running around, and to cross paths in my photography project is quite a coincidence.

Furthermore, Devan's Grandfather had been a professor of Pediatrics at the U of F. I did not recognize the name, but I definitely felt a kinship with Devan's family.

You never know who you will run into.