Sophia (#346) 07-08-13

Scouring the streets of Ft. Myers, I spotted a young couple in a well lit alleyway. They seemed to be kidding around; I liked the body language. I met them, and each was, interesting in different ways. So, I am posting them separately.

Sophia moved to the area from Kentucky when she was seven. Having graduated fro high school in Ft. Myers, she is almost a native. Sophia clearly liked the idea of being photographed, and immediately began smiling and assuming theatrical poses. I asked her to not give me the 'say cheese' smile, as I wiped the smile off of my face with my hand. But she was really into it, and obviously enjoying herself.

I clicked away as she she changed positions. I am not used to photographing moving targets, but that's what I was doing. Many images were blurred, and my keeper rate was lower than usual. This more natural pose is a bit soft in the eyes.

I guess that one would call this location a breezeway. It certainly was that afternoon.