Dylan, the Photographer (#343) 07-05-13

I was engaged in one of my favorite activities. Cup of coffee in hand, I sat at an outdoor table and waited. The quality of light next to the row of stores looked pretty good, and all I needed was for an interesting face to appear. And then, Dylan parked his bicycle and headed my way.

When I explained my project, he took immediate, and sincere, interest. He too, was a photographer, and was sympathetic to the challenge of overcoming fear in the pursuit of a project. He is the staff photographer for Sarasota Music Scene. See it HERE.

On the "about" page, Dylan's biography is as follows:

""Voted Most Humorous in 8th Grade." Born in Miami and raised in Sarasota I am a Florida native. I have just recently graduated from the local USF-Sarasota campus with my Bachelor's degree in Marketing. I was brought up with an original Deadhead for a mother (yes she was at Woodstock) and a Parrothead for a father (who lived on a sailboat for 10+ years). I have been taking pictures my whole life for fun but have just recently started pursuing it professionally. I also perform as an original Singer-Songwriter in SRQ. All photos taken with: Nikon D90. "

The page itself is HERE.

An interesting fellow, wouldn't you say?