David and Brian, the Bikers (#371) 08-02-13

On a beautiful, but hot and muggy Saturday morning, I went on a Stranger hunting walk with two other photographers. They were newbies to the Stranger thing, so it was a good day to practice together. The lady with me pointed to two bikers resting, and drinking water (presumably). They were in full racing biker attire and looked rather sweaty. I took the initiative, approached them, and asked for portraits. Brian and David were agreeable. Both declined shaking hands, as they were, in David's words, slimy.

Brian remained seated on his bike, as we took turns photographing.

David said that they made a mistake by riding too late in the hot morning. It was 9:30AM. He said that ideally, they should be done by 8. Suddenly the lady photographer said that she knew David from somewhere. He said that he was a cardiovascular surgeon at the local hospital. She said that he had operated on her father several years ago. Her father did well after surgery, but died a year later of unrelated causes. David rolled his eyes in relief.  :-) I asked about his accent – he is an Afrikaner.

You never who goes peddling by on a Saturday morning.