Cliff and Isa (#370) 08-01-13

When I stopped Cliff and Isa, he was all for it. Isa giggled, but was shy and a bit reluctant. Then she asked what I did with the images. I pulled out my smart phone and showed her my Flickr Photostream. This satisfied her.

Cliff immediately asked what type of phone it was. I said Android. Then he said that he sold the swipe-able glass on the front of Android phones. It is Gorilla Glass, made by Corning. I said that mine was a Samsung Galaxy III, and that Samsung must be a good Corning customer. He said that, yes, Samsung was a one BILLION dollar customer. Think of it: all of the high technology that goes into smart phones, and Samsung pays one billion dollars just for the glass!

Lots of ways to make a buck (or billion) in this world!