Erik (#361) 07-23-13

When Erik walked my way, I couldn't help noticing his shirt. He got it from Urban Outfitters in Ybor City (Tampa). He doesn't know of any stores selling Hipster clothing in Sarasota.

He is in his final year of Pharmacy school. Eric lived in Chicago and attended Southern Illinois University. While visiting his mother in Sarasota a couple of years ago, he had a serious auto accident. So he stayed in Sarasota for a few months, recovering. Eric fell in love with the area. After one more year of school "up north", he moved here for good. Right now, it's a lot cooler in Florida than Chicago.

Before I brought up the camera, Eric lamented that he had a small, very red cut on his nose. I assured him that Photoshop would make quick work of that. :-)