Richard, the Author (#360) 07-22-13

While driving on Main St. In Sarasota, I saw Richard at the edge of the road, taking pictures of buildings with a DSLR. I assumed that he was a realtor. An hour later, I was in foot and saw him again. Richard was photographing constantly, and almost running from place to place.

So I asked what he was photographing. Richard is writing a book about Inner city revitalization in Florida. So he was attempting to chronicle the old and new architecture. He showed me a joint, where two storefront buildings joined. Richard could deduce the relative ages by the way that the floors connected. Interesting.

His plan was to spend the morning in Sarasota, and the afternoon in my home town of Venice. No wonder he moved quickly! I explained that my wife had spent over 25 years as a volunteer at the Venice Museum and Archives, and could be a resource for him. We had coffee and exchanged cards.

That afternoon, my wife and I drove through Venice, on the way to an appointment. There we saw Richard, clicking furiously. We stopped, so that Barbara could meet him and make arrangements to supply local historical information. His manuscript is due by the end of October. No wonder that he seems to be in a hurry.

Keep clicking, Richard. And, writing.