Derrick From N.C. State (#334) 06-25-13

As much as I have walked the streets introducing myself to strangers, you would think that it would always be easy. Not so. I always have to take a few moments to clear my head, think about gratitude, and rehearse my first couple of lines. Sometimes I get ready easily and sometimes not.

This was a not day. I walked unproductively for 20-30 minutes, and then admitted to myself that I just didn't have it that day. I headed back towards the car, but saw Derrick sitting on a bench, reading. I made an about face and introduced myself to him. He was immediately amendable to being photographed. Derrick held eye contact and was both very polite, and confidently assertive. He stood straight with a military-like presence. This direct look is representative.

He is from Raleigh, NC, and graduated from N.C. State four years ago. Derrick and seven friends rented a house on the beach for a week. Sis of the friends are N.C. State graduates, ant the seventh is a ringer, from Wake Forest.

I winced about the week vacation, and said that the weather forecast was poor (Tropical Storm Andrea brushed by the area three days later). He shrugged and assured me that they would all play between the raindrops. Who knows, maybe some beer would be consumed.