Suzanne and Dan (#333) 06-24-13

Walking in my home town on Memorial Day, I spotted a young couple who seemed happy, and in the moment. I stopped them, asked for a favor, and explained my project. Each seemed intrigued by the idea and were happy to be photographed.

Dan went first and immediately understood my disdain for cheesy smiles. Still, he just couldn't totally hide a slight smirk. That's OK.

Suzanne was also having a bit of difficulty swallowing a smile, but she did fine.

They were from Tampa, about 75 miles north, and visiting the area for the holiday. Suzanne taught at a Tampa school. I told her that Venice is in the Tampa TV viewing area, and I had heard of many of the schools. She taught at Broward Elementary. We agreed that it was an odd name, in that Broward County is in the east coast of Florida.

Then I admitted that I was not familiar with the names of elementary schools. Why do we hear about schools on TV?

1. A sports related story, almost always involving a high school.

2. Something bad happening – bomb scare, pedophile on the loose, etc.

She laughed and agreed. Stories about elementary schools don't "sell" well.

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day, Suzanne and Dan.