Street Portrait of Leilani (#315) 06-03-13

One environmental element that street portraiture requires is people. And there weren't many in the morning, along Cherry Street in Macon, GA. I finally spotted a young lady across the street who seemed to be on a break from work. I easily hurried across, because there weren't any cars either.

Leilani was a little perplexed about my desire to photograph, but she shyly agreed. Given her slight reluctance, I like the relaxed expression.

Leilani was born in Hawaii, not a surprise given the name. After stints in California and Las Vegas, she has been in Macon for six years. And sure enough, she does work at the The Rookery, an adjacent bar and grill. Leilani does not use e-mail, I will send her a print.

Unfortunately, when no people are around, street portraiture still requires strangers. Not strange people, just strangers. :-)