Photographing a Kick-Ass Chef (#316) 06-04-13

Near Beach Dr. in St. Petersburg, there is an outdoor atrium surrounded by several stores and bar/restaurants. The light is diffused. A young women and a young man were at an empty table, so I stopped and "popped the question". The man smiled and threw his head back, the woman looked tired, and her shoulders visibly sagged. Taken aback by this response, I kept my mouth shut (for once) and waited a few seconds that seemed like an eternity.

Finally, Eric said that they had just finished a photo shoot! A magazine was running an article about a local restaurant, MEZE, which serves organic and vegetarian fare. Eric said that Kate was the Kick-Ass chef and the star of the shoot (Kate rolled her eyes and continued to look tired).

I got a few shots of Eric, and showed him the results on the LCD. He politely pretended to like them, but he had just been professionally photographed with a studio lighting set-up. I don't think that he was impressed by my efforts.

Then I looked toward K-A Kate and raised my eyebrows. She shrugged in acquiescence and stood. I got a few shots, showed her the results, and she politely smiled.

Thanks, Eric and Kate, for putting up with me .