The Sisters (#296) 05-10-13

I was about to photograph in a new location, Punta Gorda, FL. The light was particularly bright and harsh, so I looked not for people, but a location with subdued, reflected light. An alleyway between two buildings fit the bill, and a faux arbor at one end looked like a great background. So using the philosophy, "build the stage and the players will come", I waited for pedestrians.

Two women approached, and I later learned that they were sisters. I spoke with Susan first. She seemed surprised and delighted with the prospect of being photographed, making a few mock movie-starlet poses. She LOVED the idea of the project and readily took my MOO card, with e-mail address, flickr Photostream, etc.

Angie also liked the idea and was just a bit more reserved. She is from Punta Gorda, while Susan was visiting from Cape Coral, 20 miles south.

In selecting the site, I was correct about the reflected light. The arbor in the background, however, was useless. I would have needed a much longer lens to make good use of it. And then, I would have had to stand in the middle of a busy street. Not a good thing.