Francine and Her "Frenchies" (#295) 05-09-13

While having lunch at the Collier Inn, Useppa Island, Francine was our waitress. Her hair could not go unnoticed, as she had two "knots", where braids might be. I told her that her hair intrigued me and asked for a portrait. When I explained my photographic project, she was interested and very supportive. I gave her a MOO card with this blog url, etc.

She was born in the Bronx, and lived there for 26 years. Francine has worked on Useppa Island for 1 1/2 years, which is longer than you might think. Although tropical and beautiful, it IS an island, and employees live there in relative isolation. An interesting lifestyle, but not for everyone.

She calls her hair knots "Frenchies". When considering a point of view for photographing, I avoided straight on, as the Frenchies were not symmetrical on this day.

Some people compare the style to that of Princess Leia, of Star Wars fame. But Francine pointed out that the style is quite different.

As Princess Leia's fame was over 30 years ago, memories have probably dulled a bit.