Kat and Jarrett (#313) 05-31-13

St. Petersburg, FL, has the reputation of being the bastion of old people. Green benches were the haven for the relative immobile elderly. No more! Downtown St. Pete is a happening place for the young, and young at heart. Beach Dr. Is lined by bistros, ice cream shops, and more upscale restaurants, most with an al fresco presence.

On Beach Dr., I saw Jarrett and Kat, leisurely having bite to eat in the great outdoors. The relaxed demeanor built my confidence. Sure enough, after a couple of small smiles, they agreed to be photographed. Jarrett is from Port St. Lucie, FL, while Kat was visiting from Maine.

Jarrett said that he wasn't photogenic - Usually it's the lady who says that. But he did like his image on the LCD, and he was curious about the camera (Olympus OM-D). We talked about different camera styles and the significance of Sensor size.

They were about to head to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game – but Kat would be rooting for the Boston Red Sox. How awful! :-) But look at these two – this isn't your Father's St. Petersburg anymore.