Wayne Miller – In Memoriam (#312) 05-29-13

Well, it's Wednesday, and here is a missive about someone else. A very accomplished someone else, who has left us. Not a street photographer per se, he was a student of human beings, and the human condition.

Photographer Wayne Miller recently passed away. So, who was he? Miller was (among many other things) an associate curator for The Family of Man exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in 1955. His ex-navy boss, Edward Steichen put together 503 photographs from 68 countries, in an attempt to explore the universality of human experience. Read about it HERE.

Wayne Miller summed up his personal aspirations, "To photograph mankind, and explain man to man." Read about his career HERE.

Within the above brief article is an 8 minute video that chronicles Wayne Miller's vision and accomplishments. It is worth the view.

Enjoy. Thanks for being here.