Jimmy and His Twelve String (#302) 05-17-13

First St. In Historic Downtown Ft. Myers has several blocks of stores, eateries, and watering holes. The Law Offices of Avery Whigham & Winesett sticks out like a sore thumb. The architecture is decidedly staid and conservative. This was NOT the kind of place to find a busker. But almost every time I passed this building, there was a 12 string guitar player sitting on the steps with a jar on the sidewalk. So, I had to meet him.

About three years ago, Jimmy approached Mr. Winesett and asked if he could use the steps as his "stage" The reply was "sure, it may keep the skateboarders away". Jimmy now feels that it's his duty to shoo off kids on skateboards.

People passing by have been so nice and supportive. Many months ago his guitar was stolen. A 'regular', who passed every every day befriended Jimmy and gave him a 12 string for free. Pretty nice! I don't know how much harder it is to play a 12 string than a six string guitar, but Jimmy's tunes sound pretty good to me!

A painter once created a portrait of Jimmy while playing on "his" steps. The painting hangs in a coffee shop across the street.

It's nice to be a busker with a private studio.