Kristen (#299) 05-14-13

Cinco de Mayo. Could there be a better day to hunt for strangers to photograph? First St. In Ft. Myers was closed to cars, and packed by pedestrians. On a corner was a well dressed, attractive young lady with a microphone, in front of a substantial video camera. She had the appearance of a TV reporter, but there was no identification on the camera – unusual for TV.

I waited patiently for her to be alone, and apparently not busy. When I approached her and explained my project (and intention), she seemed surprised and quite shy, also unusual for a reporter. But sure enough, she was reporting for WINK, the local CBS affiliate. See her bio HERE.

Most images were of the professional smile variety. Fortunately, on burst mode I caught a couple like this.

The cameraman was Adam, who seemed to be enjoying the event, and was very comfortable in front of the camera.

Nice do work with Pros!