Greg and Dan, Doing What They Were Told (#298) 05-13-13

I was finished photographing Susan and Angie (post #296), and we were talking about this photographic project. Suddenly, Susan whirled around, pointed, and said, "photograph them!). Two young men stopped in their tracks. I assumed that Susan knew them, but no, she was just doing my work. Anyway, Greg and Dan did what they were told, and stopped. :-).

They were visiting the area from Philadelphia, and they LOVED Punta Gorda. They were excited that later that day, there was to be a Block Party, almost where we were standing. And, both Greg and Dan thought that the stranger photography project was cool; both took a MOO card with my e-mail, etc.

That they were having a good time registered on their faces – they just couldn't stop smiling. Thanks, Greg and Dan, for stopping and allowing me to photograph you. And most of all, thanks for doing what you were told!